An ever-changing and multi dimensional terrain for tabletop wargaming

With your support we can make it

We want to create one of a kind versions of Empyreum for enthusiastic players and early adopters of our truly unique gaming system.

Limited Edition Empyreum Machina

Made in the same ways that we created the first game system, backers of this goal will receive a full handmade and customized version of Empyreum Machina. Additionally, when production versions begin to be released, these backers will be thanked on the Charter List inside each box.

3D Printed Factions

Have us 3D print for you an expanded Pocket Tactics Faction for you own play in Empyreum Machina. Compatible with other rewards, you can add any faction that is listed in our Models page.

Go to Full Game Board and Terrain

Full Game Board and Terrain

For players that want to use their own team factions and figurines, a full terrain and game board is available.

We are creative citizen makers carrying out our mission to provide enlightening access to the tools and resources to make YOUR universe come alive.
Tabletop war games just gained several new dimensions

From a revolutionary new system for tabletop gaming terrain to an open and expanding multiverse of scenes and scenarios to conquer. Please join us in making an open and immersive game for not only enthusiastic players, but fellow developers, designers and makers that foster a community of people sharing in the great endless battles across landscapes yet undiscovered today. Whether you are interested in supporting Empyreum Machina by purchasing one of the first full versions of the game, which will be handmade by the makers, making your own, or even sharing in the development process and helping us tackle projects that we want to achieve to make this game more awesome, we are excited to have you participate and give your valuable passion to something truly amazing.

The Empyreum Team

Our team of creative adventurers come from a variety of paths in life, and are all complete geeks!

Robert Barnes

Czar of Paints, QA, Graphics Design
Robert Barnes is a gifted and passionate artist and collector of cult classic props and reproductions. His prop, paint, and design skills make Machina pop!

David Ultis

Game Creator, Production, Admin
David Ultis is the principal partner of Citizen Scientific Workshop. Making things that make people happy and foster inspiration to create are what makes him happy.

Arian Croft

Factions Design, Creator of Pocket-Tactics